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Mind fit masterclass

Hitting the gym can be a daunting experience. When we’re at our most vulnerable and trying new things requires strength of will and self esteem.


Hold your head high

Act as if you’re confident and people will treat you as if you are, which will make you genuinely feel it. Smile too – if people are going to notice you let it be for your smile and not for your lack of gym prowess.

Get perspective

Are you really that interesting to others?  Sometimes we think that we really stand out and that everyone is fitter than we are. But the chances are that the gym pros will have their heads down getting into their own zone while the newbies will either be as nervous as you (so probably not looking at anyone) or so focused on getting into the swing of things they aren’t likely to notice you.

Ask for help

Going to the gym will feel a less daunting task if you know what you are doing and most gyms offer a introductory session with a trainer.

Find moral support

Go with a mate – it’s often easier to do these things if we aren’t alone. Just make sure your gym companion is a “balcony” person –someone who supports and affirms you not a “basement” person (someone who is negative and undermines you).