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To leave work on time


If you are finding this resolution starting to slip, you need to step back and really look at why you have such a resolution. A few things to consider:


- Be more specific - what are you leaving work on time to do? If it is a vague sense that you want a better work/life balance, then that can easily slip away. But if you are leaving work to go to the gym/do homework with your children/spend time with friends you never get round to seeing, then you are creating a stronger reason to leave.

- Keep looking for perspective. Sometimes we stay in the office because what we are doing feels incredibly important. I am sure you work is important, but is it a life or death situation? Work out at the beginning of the day what is important and really zone in on that - if you can, focus on great work, avoid bad work and don't let good work gobble all your time.

- Finally believe in yourself enough to feel you have done enough. Often we fall into the trap of staying in the office because we don't believe we have done enough or contributed enough. If you want to leave the office on time and have a healthy work/life balance, you have to believe you are good enough and your work is good enough.